Savio Navjeevan, Ramghat Road, Aligarh has launched another new venture with the name “Savio Navjeevan Open Shelter” at E-19, Ekta Nagar, Aligarh on 1 May, 2015. Here, we cater to 25 children in need of care and protection particularly beggars, child substance abusers, street and working children, rag pickers, small vendors, street performers, orphaned, deserted, trafficked and run-away children, children of migrant population, children living in unauthorised areas/slums, children of marginalized groups and any other vulnerable group of children. They are welcomed to this open shelter at any time of the day; here they are free to go and come. This flexible mechanism of open shelter is catering to the unique needs of these children and aims to harness their talent and potential, thus giving them the opportunity to become productive citizens. In the long term, the aim is to make them self-reliant, aware and wean them away from street life and dysfunctional behaviours. We are permitted to run this Open Shelter by the U.P Government vide its letter no. 2362-65 म० क० निदे०/प्रोबे०/खुला आश्रय गृह/ 2014-15, dated 13th March 2015.