(a) Children’s Home:

  1. To provide a shelter for the street children of the Area, to accept them at any time.
  2. To undertake welfare programmes for care, protection, development, education, and rehabilitation of street children.
  3. To provide them with basic health and medical services.
  4. To provide recreational facilities, education, skills training by providing them a shelter and by helping them out wherever we can.
  5. To give guidance and counseling to lead a purposeful life.

(a) Open Shelter:

  1. To help children from their present vulnerable life situation to a safe environment.
  2. To wean these children away from the vulnerable situations by sustained interventions.
  3. To guide these children away from high risk and socially deviant behaviors.
  4. To provide opportunities for education and develop their potential and talent.
  5. To enhance life -skills and reduce their vulnerabilities to exploitation.
  6. To reintegrate these children into families, alternative care and community.
  7. To carry out regular follow up to ensure that children do not return to vulnerable situations.